Stabat Mater at Saint Ercolano’s Church

Copertina Stabat materMarch 19th, 2016 – Wonderful performance of G.B. Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater” at Saint Ercolano’s Church in Perugia, as a part of the concert series “Cantare la Quaresima”, by “Octava Aurea” Female Ensemble, in collaboration with Chiara Franceschelli (Soprano), Damiana Pinti (Alto), Beata Bukor, Chiara Mezzetti (Violin), Francesco Mastriforti (Viola), Ermanno Vallini (Cello), Luca Marzetti (Double Bass), Biagio Quaglino (Organ), with the direction by M° Mario Cecchetti. In the splendid baroque atmosphere of Saint Ercolano’s Church, G.B.Pergolesi’s masterpiece has touched the hearts of almost 200 spectators in the 280th anniversary of its creation.

“Octava Aurea” Female Ensemble: Laura Cannelli, Miriam Castellani, Marta Cecchetti, Cecilia Falorni, Arianna Fioriti, Klara Luznik, Rachele Melelli Roia, Marzia Natali, Giulia Petroni, Benedetta Simonini, Ilenia Tittarelli

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Launch of the new “Octava Aurea” Choirs

January 19th, 2016 – “Octava Aurea” launches the new Female Ensemble, as a derivation of the former Juvenile Choir. The Female Ensemble will be formed by women over 17 years of age and of more advanced singing level. As a result of the creation of the new Ensemble, the Juvenile Choir is reorganized to include youngster from 13 to 17-yrs of age. FInally, the Childrens’ Choir will be formed by children from 5 to 12 years of age as a result of the fusion of the Very Little Ones group and part of the former Childrens’ Choir.

Subscriptions to the Singing School 2014-15

scuola 2014-15 August 28th, 2014 – Opening of the subscriptions to the School of Vocal Activities    2014-15. Lessons will start on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. For subscriptions and information please contact the Association at                         Phone: +39-392-8111345. See lessons timetables at Children’s Choir, Juvenile Choir,  Vocal courses for the little ones.

Wonderful Umbrian tournèe of Lidingö Motettkör from Stockholm

Lidingo PerugiaJune 8th 2014: Wonderful Umbrian tournèe of Lidingö Motettkör fLidingo 30 maggio 14 Castellorom Stockholm that has given concerts at Sala S. Anna in Perugia (May 29th), at Sala degli Specchi, Circolo degli Illuminati in Città di Castello (May 30th) and at Santa Chiara’s Church in Assisi (May 31st). The choir, directed by Benjamin Åberg, with the participation of the incredible violinist Catalina Langborn, has been welcomed by “Octava Aurea” Children’s Choir, that has opened the concert of May 29th, and by “Octava Aurea” Juvenile Choir, that has participated in the celebration of Holy Mass at Santa Articolo Giornale dell'Umbria 31 maggio 2014 (2)Chiara’s Church, before the concert of May 31st.


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and of the Municipality of Assisi Stem_col+patroci


Beautiful concert at San Fermo Church in Verona

Il Clamore Bianco della GioiaMarch 16th, 2014:  “Il Clamore Bianco della Gioia”. Concert of “Octava Aurea” Choir, San Fermo Church, Verona, 4.00 pm. Piano: Yuko Watanabe. Director: Mario Cecchetti. “Octava Aurea” Choir thanks don Tiziano Brusco, Lorenzo Gobbi and Stefania Maria Rossi for the invitation and send its best wishes to the friends of the “GiovaniGes Schio” (Vicenza) Choir.

Special thanks to our Secretary Dr. Maura Proietti for the perfect organization of our travel and to all the boys and girls of the Choir and their parents for their enthusiastic participation!